Our Projects

Nansana royal primary school

Nansana royal primary school is a GEOF education institution that offers education to orphans in wakiso district and outside, the school started in 2003 and registered in 2004 with the ministry of education in Uganda and its aim was to provide education and scholastic materials to the orphans and the needy as well as proving shelter to the orphans

Child Sponsorship Project (CSP)

GEOF derive this project from the child protection program. GEOF believes that sponsoring the education of African children will lead to their protection, as most of them will be shielded from harmful practices such as child labor, illiteracy, and violence that in most cases are a result of children’s failure to obtain education....

HIV/AIDS Awareness

In Uganda, interventions focusing on sexual behavioral change were initiated by the government to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country. These interventions have been based on the ABC (Abstinence Be faithful Condom use) model.There have been other HIV prevention interventions that is; Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) treatment;...

Microfinance & Saving Schemes

Rural areas in Uganda are less developed compared to urban areas. It has been found that the reason for the underdevelopment of rural areas is because of the migration of young people from villages to towns in search of better employment opportunities (http://zuniaorg/post/addressing-the-rural-development-problem-in-uganda)..

Income generating Activities

In many countries, women’s awareness and participation in the different aspects of life is nearly three times less than that of men (2006 research on ICT Africa) as they are referred to as the “weaker sex” among the vulnerable groups. Women face quite a number of challenges in their daily life which involves domestic violence where some are even,...


People with disabilities (PWDS) have been estimated to make up about 16% of the population of Uganda according to the 2002 Population census. PWDS have been found to be one of the poorest in the country due to lack of access to opportunities such as employment, education, housing and health The government has presented laws to ....


UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) has reported that Uganda has the largest number of school dropouts in the region. According to the Uganda government, half of pupils enrolled in primary one will dropout before completing primary seven...


Despite the introduction of Universal Primary and Secondary Education (UPE, USE) by the government to mitigate the problem of access to education, new challenges have developed that affect the education sector in Uganda. These challenges include; poor facilities to accommodate the large number of pupils enrolling in UPE;..