Slum Tour

givingtuesday-3-high This endeavor is aimed at bringing the world closer to you so that you can have a clear view of how people live, socialize, feed and survive in slums contrary to the definitions brought on paper. A lot of slum tourism activities can end up changing a person’s life in the slum, provide clean water as good Samaritans who get the chance to see how people live in different situations and conditions they could’t otherwise have imagined are encouraged to do something to save their lives.

What is a slum?
According to the United Nations, a slum is a place where people have insecure residential status. This means that they do not hold a legal title to their property or any legal right to the land that it sits on. Slums are characterized by inadequate access to safe water and sanitation, poorly built housing and overcrowding (United Nations, 2016).
To other people, a slum means those congested water-logged small dwellings. While to others, a slum is characterized by very many un-condusive houses packed in one place with cracked walls and faded paint. They usually have lots of kids shouting around and distractions such as bars.
It is better to create your own opinions of slums, instead of believing everything that is said on the media and therefore good to experience the diversity and complexity of the location as well as see the living conditions of the residents of slums.

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