Despite the introduction of Universal Primary and Secondary Education (UPE, USE) by the government to mitigate the problem of access to education, new challenges have developed that affect the education sector in Uganda.

These challenges include; poor facilities to accommodate the large number of pupils enrolling in UPE; inequalities of education attainment between boys and girls; assumed poor quality of education services under UPE; and the large number of orphans affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic In addition, children who enroll into USE still need to make payments for scholastic materials in order to continue with their education.

There have been arguments that these challenges are due to lack of financial and material support since children have requirements that are necessary for them to receive the required education levels to help them be responsible citizens in Uganda.

It is believed that since poor families cannot afford to purchase these items and pay for hidden costs of education, they are unable to send their children to school. GEOF has developed this project to give a helping hand to poor families that have failed to educate their children by providing financial assistance and material support so that the literacy levels in Uganda can rise and in turn poverty will be alleviated.

Support the project and contribute to the efforts towards giving children bursaries. 


Give the excess orphanage foundation welcomes partnership in sponsoring children and projects that impact the lives of the needy and vulnerable, you can contuct us by email or send us a message through out contact page. Thank you

If you are of interest in sponsoring this noble cause, please send us mail to info@givetheexcess.org. There is a variety of activities and packages available.