Child Sponsorship Project (CSP)

GEOF derive this project from the child protection program. GEOF believes that sponsoring the education of African children will lead to their protection, as most of them will be shielded from harmful practices such as child labor, illiteracy, and violence that in most cases are a result of children’s failure to obtain education.

A child is a person under the age of 18 years. Under this age, a child is supposed to be protected from all forms of abuse like child labor, child sex abuse, child sacrifice among others. The 1995 Ugandan constitution provides the policy framework for all children under the age of 18 years to be protected from all forms of exploitation and should not be employed or perform work that is likely to be hazardous or interfere with their education or harmful to their health.

In Uganda most children are engaged in child labor, they don’t go to school, their rights are violated which calls for protection. Children are involved in jobs which are harmful to their health. They are forced into labor because they are orphans and in most cases do not have someone to take care of them that is how majority end up working as a way of earning a living. Some children are from poor families thus cannot get a right to education, love, care and support.

ELOI Ministries believes that every child has a right to be cared for and protected irrespective of their race, age, background, religion and gender. It has done this through sponsoring some children, provision of scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, uniforms etc

Support the project and contribute to the efforts towards educating children. 


Give the excess orphanage foundation welcomes partnership in sponsoring children and projects that impact the lives of the needy and vulnerable, you can contuct us by email or send us a message through out contact page. Thank you

If you are of interest in sponsoring this noble cause, please send us mail to There is a variety of activities and packages available.