Our Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Muluuta Dennis

Dennis holds a Bachelors of science in Environmental Management,Diploma in Project Management ,Masters of science in Environmental Health and a certificate in Early Childhood Education. Dennis is so passionate with children and loves helping others and besides that he has also worked with Ushindi Africa children’s choir and Uganda Environmental Education Foundation.
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Chief Executive Assistant

Sserunjongi Rashid

Rashid is a Male Councilor Bwaise one parish Kawempe Division urban council, Rashid has always had passion to advocate for the community populace where he has dedicated to serve the vulnerable children, orphans and youths as well as the elderly people.
Member Name
Child Protection Officer

Nuwagira Florence

Her roles include receiving and acting upon any reported concerns, ensuring the Policy is implemented and promoted, promoting best safeguarding practice across the wider partnership network, acting as a first point of contact for on issues of Child Protection, both internally, and for members of the public and other external contacts, She has also worked with several children’s foundation both in Uganda and Kenya. Florence currently runs an orphanage home in kasangati and she’s also a member of Bulamu Family and Friends. She loves Jesus Christ and also an old member of universal church kingdom of God.
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Senior training officer

Kamya Gaddafi Jaffery

Gaddafi is the training officer of give the excess orphanage foundation and his in charge of our training programs that take place in kisenyi zone juba industrial area Kawempe division.Gaddafi is responsible of implementing, advising and monitoring appraisal schemes, supervising and monitoring progress made via training programmes or schemes, ensuring employees receive statutory required training and he also designs and assessing training programmes.
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Community Development Program Officer

Lukwago Abdul

Lukwago is the local council two vice chairman bwaise one parish lule zone Community development work seeks to actively engage communities in making sense of the issues which affect their lives, setting goals for improvement and responding to problems and needs through empowerment and active participation and is responsible of identifying community skills, assets, issues and needs, he ensures that local people have their say, He develops new resources in dialogue with the community and evaluating existing programmes, Lukwago building links with other groups and agencies.
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Public Relations Officer

Douglas kagame

Douglas started working with Ngos in 2008, he love skids and his always willing to do the impossible to bring a better future to the leaders of tomorrow. Seeing others happy is Douglas’s motto and prosperity is his goal and he knows that God created us for many reason and one of them is help those we can not only because we can but because we have a willing heart to reach out to others.
Aimée Rochard
Community Outreach Coordinator

Katusiime Sheena

Sheena is responsible of Understanding the mission of each community outreach programs and plan activities to administer it appropriately, Establish and maintain effective relationships with representatives of community and social and civic organizations, Engage community members in outreach programs to increase their knowledge and develop content and materials for special outreach programs such as workshops, meetings and conferences.
Aimée Rochard
Youth Development Coordinator

Kyobe Kenneth

Kenneth is responsible for overseeing various program areas within the youth, teen, and family department. The incumbent provides quality customer service and ensures a safe, fun, and positive environment within the youth, teen, and family program and department, Kenneth also Assist Director in planning curriculum, coordinating and promoting Youth, Teen and Family programming. He Assist’s with the implementation and delivery of department trainings and meeting coordination.
Aimée Rochard
Project Coordinator

Mbowa David

David has Proven work experience in Project Coordination, Experienced in project management, from conception to delivery and his ability to prepare and interpret flowcharts, schedules and step-by-step action plans and his responsible of Coordinating project management activities, resources, equipment and information, Break projects into doable actions and set timeframes, Liaise with clients to identify and define requirements, scope and objectives
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Girls& Women Empowerment Project Coordinator

Ssemanda Mambo Faridah

Faridah is a Female Councilor for Bwaise one Parish Kawempe Division Urban Council and she has dedicated her life in the Prevention of Violence against Women & Children in Kawempe Division where highs rates of violence against children and women are high, Shes responsible of Coordinating overall aspects of the young women empowerment project, Ensure that the program is implemented on time with quality.Shes Responsible of Designing innovative program/projects including new grant projects.