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Who We Are

Our Story

We are a group of people passionately committed to improving access to education, rehabilitation/shelter, healthcare and justice for orphans in communities of Uganda.
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Our Aim

We aim to restore the dignity and hope of those we serve by helping to provide education facilities, provide innovative services and work to change the attitudes of the societies we serve.
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Top Priority Program

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Join our community for the latest updates and information about our projects and all the programs we are taking part in to help make a better world for someone in Uganda. Send us a message expressing your interest and we will register your email as part of a large community of members.

Child Sponsorship Project

Nansana royal primary school

Child Protection Program (CPP)

Women Empowerment Program (WEP)

We can do no great things. Only small things with great love
  • Our Mission

    Giving hope to Orphans, Needy, Vulnerable and Disabled children.

  • Our Vision

    Promoting and advancing the life of disadvantaged and vulnerable Children through empowering lives and transforming communities with holistic approach in Education, Spiritual growth and Social development.

  • Brief History

    Give the excess orphanage foundation started its services in 2008 operating under its registered school Nansana royal primary school Founded in 2004. Give the excess orphanage foundation(GEOF) is a non governmental organization(NGO) registered under the laws set by the constitution of the Republic of Uganda and it was officially incorporated in 2016.

  • Why we serve

    The objective(s) of Give the excess orphanage foundation is to restore hope to the helpless thus transforming lives for the better and to promote the socio-economic welfare of Communities especially the Disaster Affected People, Destitute Children, Orphans and families affected by HIV / AIDS.


    Orphaned Children and Disadvantaged Elderly People both at community level and nationwide. The organization has a total membership of about 70% of the adult membership is female and 80% of the youth is also female.


    The largest numbers of our focus are economically disadvantaged with most of them being children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS and Widows who are struggling to earn a living.


    At GEOF, we believe in a collective effort to get a solution to the challenges faced by people that need assistance, we believe your effort can help transform lives that would otherwise not have got whay you have provided. We as well thank yo for your continued effort to spread this message and to help a life out there and celebrate the victories we have attained so far.

Our Programs

Sharing is Caring

Our programs are centered towards engaging the communities and solving their problems in certain challenges that are not easy to attain by those groups and communities.
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"Non Discrimination Policy"

Give the excess orphanage foundation is a Non Discriminating Organization. GEOF Projects and Programs DO NOT require Exposure, GEOF Does Not Discriminate Beneficiary based on Age, Gender, Tribe, Race, Creed, Color, Disability, Nationality, Marital or Family status, Political or Religious Affiliations. GEOF Program's beneficiaries are not encouraged or required to learn about, adhere to
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